Cisco Small Business Pro SG500x: Trunk Mode Tagged & Untagged VLANs via GUI Broken

We have a pair of Cisco SG500x switches that we are setting up in a redundant configuration, so not stacked, that require a number of VLANs to be configured.

  • VLAN 1: Default Untagged
  • VLAN 1000: Tagged
  • VLAN 1001: Tagged
  • VLAN 1002: Tagged
  • ETC

Depending on the device connected to the switch port any one or more of the VLANs would be tagged to it along with the default of VLAN 1 Untagged.

In the switch GUI we would see:


Port to VLAN Mapping: Tagged or Untagged

We would walk through the process of trying to set up the tagged VLANs but when we went back to VLAN 1 that should be untagged we would see:


Port to VLAN Mapping: Default VLAN 1 Tagged

After some troubleshooting we decided to run through the process of upgrading the firmware on the switches since they have been around for a few years.

We used a freebie TFTP Server that allowed us to update the boot firmware as that’s the only way that can be done.

The process is fairly straight forward though quite tedious.

Install the next version up boot firmware then the switch firmware. Wash, rinse, repeat. 🙂


Cisco SG500x Boot and Switch Firmware Files

Once we reached the end of the boot firmware versions we kept stepping up switch firmware until we ended up with the most recent version.

In between each switch firmware step up we tried the VLAN setup and each time it failed.

When it came time to update to the most recent version it was do or die. If it did not work, the next step was to call Cisco Support and work with them on a fix.

It worked. 🙂


Cisco SG500x Port VLAN Membership Showing Correctly

Now that we have the switches set up it is on to our next step: Setting up a Storage Spaces Direct Franken Cluster we’ve put together from various bits and pieces in the parts/lab bins.

Have a great year everyone!

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