S2D ASHCI: Extend the Cluster Performance History Cluster Disk

This process may be needed as the cluster grows due to the Health Service creating a somewhat small disk to start with.

The following PowerShell will expand the Cluster Performance History Cluster Disk as the initial configured size may not be enough down the road.

Variables to change:

  • $VDNewSize = Size of the disk
  • $VDPartitionSize = Size of the Partition (just a bit smaller than that of the disk)
$ClVDToExtend = "Cluster Virtual Disk (ClusterPerformanceHistory)"
# Virtual Disk Name
$VDToExtend = "ClusterPerformanceHistory"
# Size to Extend to
$VDNewSize = 67GB
$VDPartitionSize = 66.5GB
# Suspend the Disk
Suspend-ClusterResource -Name $ClVDToExtend
# Extend - No Storage Tiers
Get-VirtualDisk $VDtoExtend | Resize-VirtualDisk -Size "$($VDNewSize)" # Final size
# Get its partition
Get-VirtualDisk $VDtoExtend | Get-Disk | Get-Partition
$Partition = Get-VirtualDisk $VDtoExtend | Get-Disk | Get-Partition | Where-Object PartitionNumber -Eq 2
# Extend that partition
$Partition | Resize-Partition -Size "$($VDPartitionSize)"
# Resume the Disk
Resume-ClusterResource -Name $ClVDToExtend

Once done, the Cluster Health service will have that much more room to store the needed history data.

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