Azure Web App: Site Experiencing Difficulties HTTP Errors – Fix

We started getting alerts from JetPack that our WordPress site,, was offline.

Sure enough, browsing to the site lead to a “This site is experiencing technical difficulties.” white page.

Since our WordPress site is hosted in Azure, we logged on to the portal and clicked into the AppService blade to find:


Azure Web App Status: Currently experiencing HTTP server errors.

Now, clicking in to View Full Report brought us to this page:


Azure Web App Status: HTTP Server Errors and Web App Restarted

What little information beyond that was not very helpful as far as what to do with the problem.

So, when in doubt, reboot! 😉


Azure Web App: mpecsblog Restart

After waiting a couple of minutes the site came back up:


MPECS Blog Site Online

Have a fantastic weekend everyone and thanks for reading! 🙂

Philip Elder
Microsoft High Availability MVP
MPECS Inc. !
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