AMD EPYC and Ryzen ThreadRipper Cooling: It’s Important to get the Right Cooler!

We’re in the process of building an AMD ThreadRipper based system.

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to either AMD EPYC or AMD ThreadRipper is that they are _big_ processors!

So, when looking to cool the processor it’s important to make sure the cooler is designed for the processor.


AMD ThreadRipper with Designed for ThreadRipper Cooler

Take note how the Designed for ThreadRipper cooling plate is the right size to cover the entire processor.


AMD ThreadRipper with Compatible with TR4 Socket CPUs Cooler

Notice that there would be a significant portion of the processor not covered by a “compatible” cooler. This installation would not be anywhere near optimal for keeping the processor cool.


AMD Thermal Grease Application

Finally, make sure the thermal grease is applied as above to obtain maximum coverage. As can be seen above, there’s a little bit missing at the bottom right corner.

It’s a good idea to have a nice even layer across the board.

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