Microsoft Ignite 2019: Some Session and Attendee Tips

Attending Microsoft Ignite events over the last number of years have always been very rewarding.

This year, we’re knee deep into building out a new business that includes Azure Stack HCI certifying custom platforms. We’ve invested all of our R&D budget and time into this process so no go on Orlando for 2019. 🙁

Here are some key takeaways garnered over the many different Ignite events.

  • Sessions: Search and choose by speaker name
    • This means knowing who is best to sit in on for a given topic
    • Yields the most information on a given topic
  • Sessions: Search by topic
    • Pick keywords for a given topic
    • Start broad with a single word
    • Fine tune based on additional keywords
  • Sessions: Approach the speaker post session
    • Any topic of interest is bound to generate questions … ask them
    • Introduce yourself. Put a face to the name (works both ways)
  • Event Floor: Microsoft Product Focus Booths
    • The Microsoft product focus booths are the best place to be
    • Meet Microsoft MVPs you may have chatted with on the many forums we participate in
    • Meet members of the Product Group
    • Microsoft and MVP Speakers are almost guaranteed to be found here
  • Event Floor: Vendor’s Booths
    • This is one of the best technology focuses events in the world, IMNSHO of course. 😉
    • Vendors spend a lot and send their some of their best
    • Take the time to ask the product engineers questions
    • Dig in, they are more than happy to talk about what their products can do

As far as toodling around the venue goes, here are a few key pearls.

  • Accommodations
    • This one may be a bit late, but stay a little ways away from the venue and walk there and back
    • Some fresh air and sunshine is refreshing after spending the day inside
    • There is always a ride share a tap away
  • Event Venue
    • Floridians like their A/C up high so it may be chilly inside
  • Carry a couple of sets of sponge ear plugs with you
    • The _best_ swag ever handed out at any Ignite I received was a set of ear plugs!
  • Wear comfortable shoes or sandals
    • This is important. The venue is _huge_!
  • Have water always available
    • Carry a water bottle and drink it


Orlando Convention Centre

Yes, the venue spans something like two or three city blocks!

Besides the above, the “hallway conversations” can be some of the best ways to chat about what is happening in technology today and to ask some of the brightest Microsoft focused technologists in the world a question! 😀

All the best to those working, speaking, and attending Microsoft Ignite this year! It’s bound to be a great one.

Philip Elder
Microsoft High Availability MVP
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