Dyslexic Reading Heaven: Kindle Font: OpenDyslexic

On the Kindle Paperwhite we found the following font:


kindle: OpenDyslexic Font Family

For those that have dealt with the process of learning to cope with and work with dyslexia this font is a life saver. It makes reading so much easier on the brain allowing for longer reads before the brain starts indicating it is time to stop.


kindle: OpenDyslexic font in The Fallacy Detective

This is a winner for those learning to read to facilitate a positive reading experience and for those well down the coping mechanism road for reading.

There is still a preference for a book in-hand here, but nothing beats having the library at hand and the ability to dive back in to a book for longer periods of time!

Have a fantastic Labour Day Long Weekend everyone! 🙂

EDIT 2020-09-04: We should have did a bit of searching before hitting POST!

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